Air Conditioning Repairs

At Brislington Motor Services, we can supply full maintenance and repair of your air-conditioning system

If your air-conditioning is not keeping your vehicle cabin temperature down low enough, it could be many things, but most often it is a lack of refrigerant gas, we can fully evacuate and recover the gas in your system, remove any air and moisture, and refill topping it up to a full charge. All of this to the current legislation, and not releasing anything into the atmostphere.

We can deal with much more serious failures though, including electrical issues, compressors and Pumps.

Your air-conditioning system does need a regular service though, replacing filters is esential as you remove the bacteria that can cause "sick car" synrome.


Brakes Repairs

Your braking system is the most important part of your vehicle, and there is so many thinks that can go wrong with it. A lot of items on your braking system are checked as part of your anual MOT, these include :-

The only problem is that an MOT is only annual and therefore if you do a lot of miles, a pass on your brake system can quickly become a dangerous fault. If you have a leak, you will often get a warning light on your dashboard, but there are a lot of other tell tell signs to faulty brakes, including grinding noises or your vehicle pulling to one side under heacy braking.

We can also diagnose and repair faults with your Anti-lock braking system ABS) this system is very complicated, Often if your ABS warning light comes on, to signify a fault, your ABS disables itself meaning you are back to "tradditional" braking, HOWEVER If the brake warning light comes on and remains on while the ABS warning light it on, it signals a serious problem. Your vehicle may not be safe to drive. The brakes and ABS system should be inspected immediately to determine the nature of the problem! If the ABS light comes On and off momentarily it's normally a more minor issue, which still needs diagnosis and repair, but often does not disable your ABS.



The 2 most common signs that your tracking is if it pulls to the left or right when your driving, and uneven tyre wear. Tracking often goes out naturally over time, and needs checking and adjusting but if you notice a sudden change, it's often because a kurb has been clipped or similar. People who have to drive up a kurb to park regularly (even at low speeds) will notice their tracking going out quicker than others.

At Brislington Motor Services, we offer a Laser Tracking service second to none for only 17.99


At Brislington Motor Services, we fit all makes and sizes of tyres from Bufget tyres like "arrow speed", Midranges like "Perelli p4000's all the way to top range tyres like Bridgestone Potenza S001. When selecting a tyre there are a lot of factors to consider, and at Brislington Motor Services we can help you choose, based on yout vehicle type, performance and your driving style. You'd be surprised how many people pay for performance tyres, when a budget is more than good enough! For a quote, we need the size of your current tyre along with it's rating. All these details can be found on the tyre wall as shown below :-

Tyre Sizes

The first set up numbers (205 in this example) is the tyre width in mm. The second set (55) is the profile ie the depth of the tyre wall again in mm, the next (16) is the wheel diameter (in inches). The next set of digits is the load rating - in cars this doesn't often get effected, its more for Vans, busses and goods vehicles The final thing is the speed rating (v) You should always go by the vehicle manufacturers guidence on these. Here's a break down of speed ratings :-

The speed rating give a fairly good indication of the tyres overall performance, particularly in braking and cornering. the number


Exhaust Repairs

An exhaust system consists of a manifold, a down pipe, a CAT, a mid pipe and box, and a back box. each point is joined by 2 bolts and a gasket. If your exhaust is noisy it could be a hole in any one of these parts or a broken gasket between them. The boxes also have baffels in them that can come loose and stop working.

An exhausts job is not just to keep the noise down though - its also to remove dangerous chemicals safely, a leak in the wrong place could let them back into the vehicles cabin and cause you seriouos health issues. Never risk it, let us check it before it bacomes an issue!


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Brislington Motor Services carry out all manner or repairs and can even COLLECT your vehicle if you are unable to drive it to us! We constantly hear stories of people who are taking out breakdown cover after a breakdown and waiting for their policy to kick in to get towed to a garage or having to upgrade their breakdown cover so as they can get collected from home as they only have "Roadside Assistance". Why not call us for a quote on collection and repair if you are broken down?

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